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Contrary to popular belief, golf specific fitness is incredibly intricate and has tremendous depth. A pure Golf Specific Fitness Program consists of far more than just some light weight training, low impact aerobic exercise and complicated-looking stretches. Before a fitness program can be considered "Golf Specific," it must first prove to exert a positive effect on every aspect of a golfer's athleticism. In other words, you can design your fitness program specifically to improve your golf performance, but the fitness program cannot be considered "Golf Specific" until after it's improving your golf performance. This is precisely what makes golf specific fitness so complicated.

Depending on your current physical condition, your natural athletic ability and your genetics, constructing your fitness program to meet this standard can be extremely challenging. It involves a process that not only takes time, but one that requires an understanding of the most intricate biomechanical, kinesiological and physiological principles that exist in athletic performance enhancement training, in addition to a sports nutritional strategy specific to your unique physiological needs. So while "Golf Specific" sounds like a term that narrows the subject of fitness, the reality is that it significantly broadens it.

To assist you with the broadness and the complexity of golf specific fitness, the PPES© uses a unique organizational approach that categorizes the golfer's fitness strategies into Six Golf Specific Fitness Components; their golf related areas of physical conditioning and athletic ability into seven aspects of a golfer's athleticism; and the standards for measuring the condition of the Seven Aspects of a Golfer's Athleticism into Five Golf Performance Indexes. The main benefit of this approach is that it makes it easier for you to connect the increases and decreases in the relevant areas of golf performance to the fitness strategies that caused them. In all, this approach helps you become increasingly more in tune with your golf related areas of physical conditioning and athletic ability; assists you in more accurately evaluating your golf specific fitness strategies; and enables you to continually refine your golf specific fitness program for peak golf performance, regardless of the physical condition it helps you achieve.

As you proceed through the PPES© Book, it is recommended that you temporarily set aside everything you've learned about health and fitness—especially your preconceived ideas about how exercise affects golf performance. Once you've read through the entire PPES© Book, you'll find that your previous health and fitness knowledge has been appropriately categorized for more accurate application with regard to improving golf performance.

The following pages provide a brief description of the content in each chapter and help explain the rationale behind the PPES©'s unique organizational approach.

Chapter One defines the Seven Aspects of a Golfer's Athleticism and explains their interdependent relationship in great detail. The Seven Aspects of a Golfer's Athleticism are your "golf related" areas of physical conditioning and athletic ability. Collectively, they represent the soil out of which your golf performance grows. Since they are the targets of all golf specific fitness strategies, it's essential that you learn about them first.

In this chapter, each aspect is explained in a manner that helps you to understand its (interdependent) relationship with the others; how it will be affected by your golf specific fitness strategies (the Six Golf Specific Fitness Components); and how its condition both directly and indirectly influences specific areas of golf performance. The Seven Aspects of a Golfer's Athleticism are quite literally the control rods of all golf performance. You will soon learn that the level of golf performance you're able to achieve is ultimately determined by their cooperative condition.

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