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Foreword Three by PGA Golf Professional

Golf and fitness have not always been discussed in the same conversation... oh how times have changed!!

PGA Golf Professional

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Over the past few years, it has become quite evident how important physical fitness is to golf performance. So now we have the Golf Specific Fitness Programs and to say there are many is an understatement. Now more than ever, it is time for a system that will evaluate each fitness program for the individual golfer, as it relates to their golf performance.

The proper application of this extraordinarily detailed system is much more valuable to your golf game than I'd originally thought. At first, I was simply trying to learn how the system worked and how the various standards measurements were capable of revealing my level of physical conditioning and athletic ability as they related to my golf performance. But I soon began to see that the scoring system was prompting me to prioritize the things that are the most important to shooting low scores. To say the least, I've become reacquainted with the importance of a well placed tee shot and hitting as many greens in regulation as possible. Prioritizing these two areas as opposed to a 300 yard drive has really sharpened up my game. So in addition to indirectly improving my golf game by directly improving my golf related areas of physical conditioning and athletic ability, the PPES© has also improved my game through better scoring strategies.

Here's the irony in this: the PPES© is a golf specific fitness system. As such, you would think that using it would first help you hit the ball farther, and second, improve your endurance or something along those lines; for me it has certainly done both. But it has had an even greater effect on my driving accuracy and greens in regulation percentage—two areas I originally suspected would suffer as my physical strength increased. So in my opinion, the PPES© not only helps you improve your golf specific fitness level, it makes you a more strategically minded golfer as well.

The PPES© can be extremely helpful in exposing problems in your golf game caused by poor or improper physical conditioning, but it can also be very confusing unless you use some common sense. So when beginning to monitor your golf performance with the PPES© Software, be sure you consider all of the factors that could be affecting your golf game, such as recent changes in your golf swing and changes in golf equipment (new driver, new irons, etc.). And don't forget to consider the mental aspects of your game, which can have an extremely powerful influence on your performance. Considering the influence these and other non-fitness related issues could be having on your game will prevent you from mistakenly attributing an increase or decrease in your golf performance to your fitness program. Conveniently, the PPES© Software Program provides you with an area to make note of these potential influencing factors. With some effort, you'll eventually be able to discern between bad shots and rounds resulting from physical conditioning and those caused by problems with your swing.

The beauty of the PPES© from a golf perspective is that it has absolutely no respect for any golf specific fitness program. It will not respect the popular names in any type of golf or fitness instruction, nor can it be influenced by politics or marketing hype. It is the ultimate "bottom line" monitoring system and by design can only indicate the results of your fitness program in terms of golf performance.

The PPES© will help make all Golf Specific Health and Fitness Organizations, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Golf Specific Fitness Instructors and PGA Golf (Teaching) Professionals accountable for their exercise prescriptions and/or their golf instruction, thus influencing more responsible self-education. Not only will this be good for golfers, but for the sport of golf as well.

PGA Golf Professional


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