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As stated in the opening paragraph of this book, the number and variety of Golf Specific Fitness Programs being offered has increased substantially over the past few years. So in order to protect both the golfer and the sport from fitness programs that improve the golfer's physical condition at the expense of their performance on the golf course, it's critical to have standards by which this new area of instruction can be judged. Hence, the stage is set for the PPES© to become the official standard used by the PGA, the PGA Tour, PGA Teaching Professionals, Golf Academies, High School & College Golf Teams, Golf Specific Fitness Trainers and of course Golfers for evaluating and monitoring their physical condition and athletic ability in terms of Golf Performance.

As broad and complex as the PPES© Book is, the truth is it barely scratches the surface of golf specific fitness. The few pages of text used to enlighten you on each Aspect of a Golfer's Athleticism, each Golf Specific Fitness Component and each Golf Performance Index, only form the foundation on which hundreds of thousands of pages of new information will be written to expand on them, by thousands of PGA Golf Professionals, Physical Therapists, Sports Nutritionists and PPES© Certified Golf Specific Fitness Trainers (on the Website).

For this reason, the PPES© will likely spawn a golf specific health and fitness education explosion, similar to that which Joe Weider spawned with the help of bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger in the mid seventies. Combined with the unique blend of education and competition set in motion by the Playfit® Project, this will significantly elevate the educational level of everyone associated with the sport of golf, on the subject of golf specific health and fitness.

As we move further into the new millennium, a new breed of golfer will emerge. This new breed will have tremendous Clubhead Speed, accompanied by a phenomenal sense of touch and display a significantly more powerful physique than those displayed by golfers a decade ago. Tiger already fits this profile, especially regarding the Clubhead Speed/touch comparison. While his measure of physical condition and athletic ability is exceptional today, rest assured, it will be the standard for tomorrow. Nevertheless, fitness for the golfer is here to stay. In just a few short years, being a competitive golfer without a fitness program will be regarded as ridiculous as being competitive with one was regarded in the past.

God Bless and Remember to
John Knight


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