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Foreword One by Tracey Nelson, MS, Health Educations & Exercise Physiology

As complex and advanced as sport specific training methods have become, the transfer of improved physical conditioning to improved performance in a sport is often minimal and sometimes even nonexistent. In fact, sport specific training that does not respect the unique genetic characteristics of individual athletes can potentially impede their performance in the respective sport.

The fact of the matter is, all golf specific fitness programs are productive for one golfer or another, but no single golf specific fitness program can be productive for all golfers—regardless of its popularity. Because of genetic differences, common fitness strategies have varying results from golfer to golfer. A fitness program that is highly productive for Hal Sutton may not be as productive for Davis Love, because they are practically genetic opposites.

The Playfit® Performance Enhancement System (PPES©) allows you to evaluate any golf specific fitness program by the degree to which it improves the areas of your golf game that are influenced by your physical condition and athletic ability. If the PPES© is proving your current golf specific fitness program to be counterproductive, it doesn’t mean the program will have that effect on all golfers. It simply means that it is currently proving to be counterproductive for you and that a few modifications may be necessary.

The beauty of the PPES© from a fitness perspective is that it neither competes with nor discourages the use of any fitness program designed for improving golf performance. Rather, it encourages you to try a variety of golf specific fitness programs and to use the PPES© Software Program to determine which is the most productive and beneficial for your specific needs. It helps you customize a generic fitness program to assure the improvements in your physical condition will in fact improve your golf performance.

The PPES© Book provides an educational foundation comprised of sports specific fitness principles that will assist you in mapping out a path for your ongoing golf specific health and fitness education. Its companion, the PPES© Software, indicates the results of the fitness program you design in terms of golf performance. So the PPES© ultimately serves as a template for conducting your own personal research on how the fitness strategies you employ influence various areas of your golf game.

Keep in mind that the power of a teaching tool is measured by the volume of knowledge it helps you acquire. So in the realm of golf specific fitness, the PPES© could in time prove to be one of the most powerful teaching tools the sport of golf has seen. As long as you continue to use it, it will continue to reveal the golf specific health & fitness information you need for improvement.

Tracey Nelson

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