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From the Author—Why I wrote the PPES©

I remember exactly what I was feeling when I made the decision to put my professional life on hold, so I could begin pressing out this vision. And to be perfectly honest, the Playfit® Performance Enhancement System (PPES©) was written as much out of frustration as it was ambition.

As the son of a PGA Golf Professional, a golfer for over 37 years and a personal fitness trainer now for nearly 25 years, I've seen first hand how many so-called golf specific exercise programs affect the golfer. And while most of them improve the golfer's physical condition, few actually improve their golf performance.

Attempting to establish the credibility of a golf specific fitness program by touting the improvements it brings about in a golfer's physical condition is the norm. However, the standards used to measure a golfer's physical condition and those which measure their golf performance are completely different. What's really unfortunate is neither golfers, nor their (golf and fitness) instructors seem to realize this and those who do aren't acknowledging it.

Since there are presently no legitimate standards in place for measuring the results of fitness programs in terms of actual golf performance, there is no accountability for golf specific fitness instruction. As a result, politics, popularity and power have become the means by which individuals and organizations attain their authority status in golf specific fitness. This basically equates to the “Good Old Boy” system.

In 1998 I began contemplating a software program that would disable the "good old boy" system, level the instructional playing field and make all Health & Fitness Organizations and Professional Fitness Instructors (including myself) accountable for their “golf specific” exercise prescriptions. So, my motivation for writing the PPES© Book, designing the PPES© Software Program (Monitoring System) and creating the Website (PPES© Support System) was much deeper than just a desire to help golfers improve their golf performance through fitness. I wanted to help bring some accountability to this new and rapidly growing area of golf instruction and to provide equal opportunities for all fitness instructors to participate in the golf specific health & fitness movement.

The Playfit® Performance Enhancement System is not something you'll learn to use overnight—but then again you didn't learn to play golf overnight either. There's a lot more to golf specific fitness than you may realize. Regardless of how it's been portrayed in previous books, golf specific fitness as a whole is arguably the most complex form of sports specific fitness that exists in athletic performance enhancement training. So, to bring you up to speed, the PPES© forces you into a vigorous self-education process that requires your diligent and continuing effort.

Since the nature of the subject matter (golf specific fitness) is considered expansive, meaning that your understanding of the subject matter will continue to broaden over time, it's important that you do not draw any conclusions but consider yourself to be in a continuous learning phase. Realistically, you should give yourself a full year to become familiar with the PPES© and to develop some proficiency with the diagnostic process. Designating a round or two each month to record the required Golf Performance Data is suggested. Doing so will help familiarize you with the PPES© and what it's capable of revealing about you physically and athletically, in terms of golf performance.


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