From the Author—Why I wrote the PPES© ...continued

While the golf specific fitness principles presented in the PPES© Book are fully supported by sports specific fitness principles, their application is to a degree subjective. In order to broaden your understanding of these principles and to learn the best application of each for your body, you should visit the Discussion Forums frequently to see them debated between PPES© Certified Instructors, PGA Golf Professionals and other golfers. And by all means, participate in these discussions yourself.

Under absolutely no circumstances should you skip over any part of the PPES© Book. Rather you should read it from cover to cover at least once before attempting to implement any part of it, or attempting to use the PPES© Software. Regardless of your level of expertise in golf and/or fitness, skipping forward in the book will only result in confusion, an incomplete understanding of the system and an inevitable return to the beginning of the book. So you should read the Preface, all three Forewords and the Introduction closely, as these preparatory sections of the book are designed to plow up your mental soil so to speak, so the golf specific fitness principles in the subsequent chapters can be more easily planted.

As you proceed through the PPES© Book, make it a point to remember this: having a thousand different golf specific fitness strategies in your arsenal is obviously valuable, but having the ability to discern how any fitness strategy will affect your golf related areas of physical conditioning and athletic ability, prior to implementing it, is of the highest value. Helping you achieve this level of understanding in golf specific fitness is the ultimate mission of the PPES©.

Now there will be people and organizations in both the golf industry and the health/fitness industry who condemn the PPES© and those who praise it. But the reality is that condemnation can’t reduce its value any more than praise can increase its value. The PPES© is only a tool, and tools are subject to the knowledge and expertise of the user—a scalpel may be valuable in the hand of a skilled surgeon, yet it’s useless in the hand of a diesel mechanic. So to become proficient using the PPES©, it’s up to you to bring your knowledge and understanding of golf specific fitness principles up to par—this is the purpose of the Website. In short, you only get out of it what you put into it, so neither condemnation of the PPES©, nor praise can influence its value—only you can.

Whether you're a golfer, a Health/Fitness Professional, or a PGA Golf Professional, my recommendation is that you take your time absorbing the information in the PPES© Book; make use of the support system on; and by all means, help us bring golf specific health & fitness into the 21st century by participating in the Playfit® Golf Performance Championship Series each year. These tournaments have the potential to produce the most profound effect on the sport, in the history of the game, educationally, recreationally and philanthropically.

And finally, be patient and really try to enjoy the process of learning the proposed golf specific fitness principles, implementing the new training concepts and monitoring your progress with the PPES© Software Program. If you'll use this approach, you'll learn to structure your fitness program so it not only improves your physical condition, but every area of your golf game as well.

John Knight
President Playfit Enterprises Inc., Author PPES©—Developer Playfit® Project

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