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Chapter Two defines the Six Components of a Golf Specific Fitness Program in great detail. Each component is explained in a manner that helps you to understand how it should be implemented and how variations of that component affects the condition of one or more of the Seven Aspects of a Golfer's Athleticism. Also explained in this chapter is how certain Golf Specific Fitness Components work in tandem with one another to produce synergistic effects on certain Aspects of a Golfer's Athleticism. Together, chapters one and two help you achieve a level of understanding necessary to (more readily) determine the nature and origin of golf performance problems once they've manifested themselves in one or more of the Five Golf Performance Indexes.

Chapter Three defines the Five Golf Performance Indexes and explains the rationale behind their calculation formulas. The Golf Performance Indexes are directly influenced by your golf related areas of physical conditioning and athletic ability (Seven Aspects of a Golfer's Athleticism) and are therefore the standards of measurement that enable you to evaluate them. In this chapter the Golf Performance Indexes are explained in a manner that helps you understand how the condition of each Aspect of a Golfer's Athleticism influences them, which Aspects of a Golfer's Athleticism influences each Golf Performance Index, and how problems manifested in one Golf Performance Index can actually be the result of problems in one or more of the others. Monitoring fluctuations in your Golf Performance Indexes not only allows you to measure your golf specific fitness level, but it's critical to exposing counterproductive golf specific fitness strategies.

Chapter Four explains how the Four Main Golf Stats are influenced by both the Golf Performance Indexes and the Seven Aspects of a Golfer's Athleticism. Also explained in this chapter is the Playfit® Golf Rating—a numerical value obtained with a formula comprised of the Four Main Golf Stats. An increase in Driving Distance that's accompanied by a loss of accuracy, or a decline in putting performance is harshly judged by the Playfit® Golf Rating.

To help you better understand its application, the Playfit® Golf Rating is used in this chapter to show the progress of several PGA Tour Professionals over three consecutive seasons, who are known to follow regular exercise programs. Reviewing their Playfit® Golf Ratings will give you an idea of how productive (or unproductive) their fitness programs may have been during the three year period and help you begin distinguishing between the type of physical conditioning that improves your physique and that which improves your golf performance.

Chapter Five is Cause and Effect and basically summarizes the first four chapters. The purpose of this chapter is to help you understand the Cause/Effect Relationship between The Six Golf Specific Fitness Components, The Seven Aspects of a Golfer's Athleticism, The Five Golf Performance Indexes and The Four Main Golf Stats. The Cause/Effect Chart at the end of this section is particularly helpful because it allows you to see the relationship between these four areas all on one page. This chart also serves as a template for diagnosing golf performance problems and exposing the golf specific fitness strategies that may be responsible for those problems.

Chapter Six explains the PPES© Software Features and its Functionality. In this chapter, you'll learn how to record your golf performance data; how to use the PPES© Software to measure your golf specific fitness level; and how to monitor trends developing in various areas of golf performance, in order to expose ineffective and counterproductive fitness strategies.

So with respect to cause and effect, the PPES© Book & Software combine to assist you and your PPES© Certified Golf Specific Fitness Instructors in adjusting the cause—golf specific fitness strategies, to produce the desired effect—peak golf performance.

Chapter Seven explains The Playfit® Golf Performance Championship Tournament Format and specifies the Tournament Rules and Regulations for qualifying.

Since the PPES© Book is almost entirely about the cause and effect relationship of golf specific health and fitness strategies, it's laid out in a manner that requires you to understand the information in one chapter in order to fully comprehend the information in the subsequent chapters. So be certain you fully understand the golf specific fitness principles presented in each chapter before moving to the next. If you feel the need to re-read a chapter, then by all means do so.

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