About the Playfit® Performance Enhancement System

The Playfit® Performance Enhancement System (PPES©) is a two component product comprised of a web-based golf performance analysis/diagnostic software program (with "wireless data upload" capability) and a 200 page Book/User Manual. Unlike the current methods used to evaluate golfers' fitness levels, which involve measuring strength, flexibility, range of motion, etc., The PPES© Software measures golfers' fitness levels in terms of actual "on the course" golf performance, via the Five Golf Performance Indexes–Power, Timing, Accuracy, Endurance and Recoverability. The PPES© Software also features The Playfit® Golf Performance Tournament Format, an extremely challenging format that allows golfers to compare their new, improved "golf specific" fitness levels to those of other golfers in a competitive arena and Golf Courses to hold "golf fitness" tournaments. There are five separate versions of The PPES© Software, accommodating Golfers, Golf Instructors, Fitness Instructors, Golf Teams and Golf Courses. Its companion, The PPES© Book/User Manual, is also the study guide for the most highly accredited Golf Fitness Instructor Course to date and is a free download to all users. For more information see the individual versions of The PPES©.

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